No Land in Sight

Thasos to Limnos

After spending the day in Thasos exploring caves and running to the popular deep water rock pool ‘Giola’ we set off for our longest passage yet towards Limnos. It was 50 miles ahead of us and good winds to start with so we set off with great expectations. We were also planning on perfecting our trawling process during the passage. A few hours in we were officially ‘at sea’ – a 360 degree view all around the boat with nothing but the sea and the horizon. It was truly a sight to behold, but with the wind in our sails we pressed on. Around the halfway point the wind gradually died away. Not wanting to waste fuel we decided to wait for a bit to see if it would pick up. We jumped in the water for a swim to cool down and we all found the feeling of seeing nothing but water all around you a humbling experience. With no signs of the wind picking up we switched the engine on and decided to do a trawl instead (more on that coming in another post soon!). In the end the passage took 14 hours and we spent the evening relaxing on Limnos.